Submagic Free Alternative For Adding Captions

Submagic Free alternative

Submagic is one of the trending tools for adding captions on short content such as TikTok, reel or YouTube shorts. The reason why you can’t use traditional subtitle tools such as Capcut is they add long lines which are not readable on short videos. No doubt, you can adjust the number of words in the … Read more

Caphacker: Submagic Pro Rebranded!

Big news for Submagic Pro enthusiasts! Our beloved tool has been rebranded and is now known as Caphacker. It’s an exciting change, but rest assured, all the features you rely on remain the same. Why the Rebrand? We got mail from saying that we will take legal action. I talked to my lawyer they … Read more

Zubtitle Free Alternative For Adding Captions To Videos

Zubtitle is a new platform to make your videos ready for social media. Zubtitle offers plenty of features such as However, Zubtitle is not free. There are many alternatives available that you can use for free without any watermark. Here are the best alternatives to Zubtitle. CapHacker Caphacker is a newly launched video caption-adding website. … Read more

Best Speech to Text API In 2023

Speech to text API

Speech to text has been improved a lot in 2023 all thanks to research in AI. In this blog post, I will share the best speech-to-text API that you can use for your next project. We will only provide API not open source model. The biggest advantage of using API over open source is Here … Read more

Finally Submagic is Live

Finally, the Submagic website is live, a Free Video Caption Generator that is accurate like humans and it is free. I think no matter what changes I will keep a free plan without a watermark. Currently, a free plan can be used to generate unlimited videos. So test the website and share your feedback with … Read more