CapHacker is a free AI Video Caption Generator Without a Watermark. We understand the power of words and the importance of making content accessible and engaging. That’s why we’ve embarked on a mission to support content creators in every way we can.

Our Vision: At CapHacker, we envision a digital landscape where captions are not just a luxury, but a necessity. We believe in making captions not only easy and convenient but also affordable for everyone, irrespective of their scale or domain.

Independence and Authenticity: We pride ourselves on our originality. CapHacker operates independently and has no affiliations or associations with any other website. Our commitment is solely to our users and our vision of a more inclusive digital world.

Why CapHacker Is Free & Unlimited?

CapHacker is still being worked on. By letting users try it for free, we hope to learn what they like and what can be better.

Right now, we want to grow and help more users. We’re not thinking about making money yet. That’s why we’re giving CapHacker away for free.

However, we will keep the free plan active without a watermark.

Team Behind CapHacker

Currently, there is no team behind CapHacker. It is a one-man army, if you want to contact us then you can contact us here

Harinderpreet Singh